Thursday, May 29, 2014

Input Finance Program Creates Win-Win Situation for Producers

By Nichole Gouldie, Communications Specialist

To help producers obtain the financing their operation needs, MKC in conjunction with the Cooperative Finance Association, Inc. (CFA), provide reliable financial products and services to its members for all of their fertilizer, chemical, seed and petroleum needs.

"CFA is a valuable tool for any cooperative member," said Keith Kincaid, co-owner of S&K Partners near Haven. "CFA is convenient, user-friendly and competitive to any financing program in the industry."

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MKC Increases Investment Opportunities To Public

By Nichole Gouldie, Communications Specialist

Based on the success of the MKC investment program, the board of directors has voted to increase the amount of the investment opportunity for patrons of MKC. The program is currently open for investments.

“The financial strength and stability of MKC remains extremely strong and we are continually looking for ways to position ourselves well into the future,” said Danny Posch, MKC chief financial officer. “We believe the investment program truly provides a win-win opportunity for investors and MKC alike. By working together, we will continue to ensure we are in a position to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace together with lessening the reliance on external funding sources to meet the working capital needs of the cooperative.”

There are two separate types of programs offered. The Certificate of Indebtedness program is a certificate written for a specified period of time. This program offers a 3.5 percent fixed interest rate on a three-year note, 4.0 percent fixed interest rate on a four-year note and a 4.5 percent rate on a five-year note.

The Demand Note program works much like a standard short-term investment account. Money can be transferred in and out of the account in a certificate that will each earn a rate of return that is very competitive in today’s marketplace. For the Demand Note program, the variable interest rate is currently at 2.5 percent and can be transferred or converted to a Certificate of Indebtedness.

Investors must be Kansas residents and an MKC stockholder. The limit of investment per investor is $300,000. Interest is paid annually on July 1 for both investment programs.

Interested participants of the investment program are encouraged to contact Laurie Thiesen, MKC accounts payable manager, at 620-345-4116 or