Monday, July 30, 2012

Just how good is your equipment warranty?

Does it pay to invest in protection for your valuable agricultural equipment?  Absolutely, because in this line of business there’s no such thing as an “inexpensive” repair – and there’s no time for downtime.

Dennis Friesen (top photo) and Dale Friesen receive
warranty payments from Cenex Representative, Curt Courtright.
Also pictures is Donnie Holtzinger, Certified Energy
Specialist for MKC.
Just ask McPherson Co. producers Dale and Dennis Friesen.  Both men had issues with the injector pump on their equipment.  And since they were enrolled in the Cenex® Total Protection PlanTM warranty program, they had the peace of mind knowing that their repair costs would be covered.

Whether you cover new or used equipment, the warranty offers four primary benefits:

·         Unsurpassed coverage that goes beyond – but won’t interfere with your original manufacturer’s warranty.

·         A no-hassle claims process with no deductive and no “burden of proof,” meaning you don’t have to prove that your engine problems were caused by an oil or fuel defect.

·         Extended equipment life, thanks to quality Cenex lubricants and Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® Premium Diesel Fuel (products that are specially formulated for the tough challenges of farming).

·         The early-warning advantages that come from conducting regular oil sampling, a simple yet important set that can help prevent major problems and alert you before expensive damage occurs.
The Cenex® Total Protection PlanTM provides coverage up to 10 years or 10,000 hours on new equipment and 8 years or 8,000 hours on existing equipment.  You get great protection, plus all the advantages that come from using proven Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels and lubricants – like longer engine life, extended drains, more power for pulling heavy loads, quicker starts and improved fuel efficiency.

For more information about the warranty program, contact one of our Certified Energy Specialists:

Chris Chandler, CES 620-664-4172
Donnie Holtzinger, CES 620-345-8909
Brian Huxman, CES  620-386-0763

Monday, July 16, 2012

New traits, technology and products introduced at Answer Plot® session

Each year MKC hosts several Answer Plots® that are presented by Winfield Solutions. The sessions are designed to answer the many questions producers have related to their farming practice.

Jared Miller, Field Marketer for MKC, says that the Answer Plot® provides, “a chance for producers to get an in depth look at new traits, technology and products being introduced into the field of agriculture.”

2012 marks the fourth year that MKC has been utilizing the Answer Plot® program.  Merle Nelson, who farms outside of Lindsborg, Kansas, has been coming to the Answer Plot® since MKC first began offering them. “I come to get ideas on seed variety selections and answers to fertility questions,” Nelson said.