Monday, November 24, 2014

Safety Counts

By Kerry Watson, Director of Communications

One thousand, eight hundred forty-four. Two thousand, one hundred two. Customers and employees approaching the facilities in Groveland and Moundridge can’t help but notice these numbers. They are proudly displayed at each location and are placed so anyone entering the facility will notice the number of days the location has worked without a lost-time accident.

"We stress safety in everything we do," states Nathan Eck, senior location manager at Groveland. "Whether it’s climbing in and out of a spray rig, entering a grain bin, or ensuring the sidewalks are free from snow and ice, the safety of our employees and our customers is our number one priority."

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Now's the Time to Sample Fuel Tanks

Properly sampling of fuel tanks is essential to protecting your diesel equipment investment. It's a good idea to sample your tanks at this time of year, so you can take care of any moisture and contaminant issues before the falling temperatures cause major disruptions. With the CHS fuel testing kits available at MKC, you'll receive a valuable lab report that outlines any fuel quality issues and provides problem-solving advice.
We recommend using a tank sampler kit with a portable hand-operated vacuum device because this method collects more accurate samples than using a water-finding paste. We offer trouble-free kits that are designed to help prevent spills and will work on any size vehicle, underground or above-ground tanks.
When pulling a sample, remember the majority of contaminants settle at the bottom of the tank - so it's crucial you pull samples from the bottom. Also, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the jar and hose after each sample is taken.
As you gear up for winter, contact MKC's energy division at 888-442-0141 to order kits or request help with sampling.