Thursday, November 29, 2012

One producer, two jobs. One coop to ease the burden.

Note: This article was written by a former intern and was originally printed in our December, 2010 issue of "Connections".

It has been said that farmers have to be part agronomist, conservationist, meteorologist and economist. But for many, farming is not their single career choice.  Some may be teachers, engineers or business people. At MKC, we strive to provide the services needed to make a farming operation as simple as possible.

“We understand how limited and valuable time is for our business partners,” says Steve Peterson, Director of Northern Area Operations for MKC.  “It’s our goal to pre-plan with customers to be accessible when needed and to create and provide services, labor and expertise that fulfills their needs.” 
Once seen as a temporary response to the Great Depression, off-the-farm employment is now regarded as a regular feature of farming communities. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, more than half of the farm operators in the United States now work off the farm.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Are you capturing your field's true potential?

The Veris Mobile Sensor Platform (M.S.P.) is a great starting block or addition to your precision platform.  The Veris utilizes a soil electrical conductivity (EC) member, pH electrodes as well as a GPS system to map out (down to the foot) the specific soil type, elevtion and pH levels in your field.  All of these elements can affect your field and reduce revenue per acre.  Having this specific data allows individual producers to make better decisions and take fewer chances when investing in their crops.

·         Minimal investment
·         Equipment design allows for minimal soild disturbance
·         Covers 35 acres per hour
·         Better pH representation (compared to grid sampling)

·         Provides base layer for precision management
·         Minimal soil disturbance (excellent for no-till)
·         Assists with zone management decisions
·         Helps in determining high and low yield areas
·         Make prescriptions based on zones
·         Determines variable seeding rates
·         Determines placement of crop nutrients
·         Saves money by sampling soil in correct areas

MKC will provide professional map books and interpretation of the maps to assist you in your decision making process.  For more information about the Veris M.S.P. program, contact your nearest MKC location.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Does your career need a change of scenery?

As a progressive and growing agricultural company, MKC believes employees play an important role in the growth and success of the cooperative.  We focus on promoting from within and have a management and sales development program that provides the skill set necessary to further one’s career.

We offer competitive wages, a complete benefit package that includes Blue Cross/Blue Shield health and dental, a guaranteed pension plan, 401k, life and disability insurance, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave.

If you are seeking a challenging role with a fast-paced and aggressive organization, visit the careers section of our web site to search for an opportunity that matches your qualifications.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Employees who make a difference

Many of MKC’s employees take great pride in donating their time to their communities and charitable organizations.

LeRoy (Lee) Goertzen has been driving MKC’s route truck for the past four years following his retirement from the commercial trucking industry.  To keep himself young and in shape, he walks daily.  Lee recently walked for a good cause by participating in the Christian Rural Overseas Program (CROP), raising over $1,200.  At 77 years of age, he was the oldest participant.

“It’s a good thing to help poor people,” stated Lee. “I wasn’t sure at first if I would be able to complete the six miles, but I felt good so I kept going.”

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coat drive a huge success

The month-long coat drive sponsored by MKC was deemed a huge success, collecting 518 coats along with a small number of caps and gloves.  Members of the MKC Community Involvement Committee initially set out to collect 250 gently used or new coats. 
Committee members Erin Riley and Shannon Hastings prepare
the 100 (plus) coats dropped off in Moundridge.

“We are overjoyed by the generosity of those who donated,” states Committee Member, Shannon Hastings. “We want to thank everyone for their support.”

Delivery of the generously donated coats started earlier this month.  When finished, more than 12 communities will have benefited from the drive.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Help save a life - donate blood

For about 45 minutes to an hour of your time, you could help save someone’s life.  That’s the amount of time it takes to donate one pint of blood.

MKC employees and the public will have the opportunity to donate at upcoming blood drives co-sponsored by the MKC Community Involvement Committee and local American Red Cross chapters.  Drives will be hosted in Moundridge, Haven, Walton, Bennington and Lindsborg.