Monday, March 26, 2012

Sprucing up for spring

This winter’s unseasonably warm temperatures gave a number of MKC locations a head start on spring cleaning as many have completed minor remodels, removed debris and tore down old buildings.  

The front office at Castleton received a fresh coat of
paint and wood laminate floor.  The counter is
nearing completion.

The office at Castleton now boasts a new look as employees recently replaced the flooring and front counter and added a fresh coat of paint.  Walton has been upgrading several interior offices at the scale office replacing walls, ceiling, floors and light fixtures.  The front counter and floor at Haven are also being replaced.  In McPherson, the old cinderblock petroleum storage shed has been torn down.  Processes are in place to also tear down the old office and warehouse located next to the grain terminal on Main Street in McPherson.  Buhler’s Main Street will also see improvements as the old steel bin has been removed (see video below).

Most of these projects are the direct result of image audits conducted on an annual basis by the MKC Way Committee – a leadership group at MKC.  Costs have been kept to a minimum as employees have performed a large portion of the labor on each of the projects.

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