Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Farmers Cooperative Association seeks membership approval to merge with MKC

By Kerry Watson, Director of Communications

The board of directors of Farmers Cooperative Association of Manhattan has unanimously approved to take a proposal to their membership to merge with MKC.

Over the past two years, directors for Farmers Cooperative met with five cooperatives to determine which organization could provide the greatest benefits to the co-op and its members.

"We are looking forward to working with MKC," said Hal Mayer, Chairman of Farmers Cooperative Board of Directors. "We share the same core values and MKC's attention to detail in the area of customer service is outstanding. Members from these two cooperatives should greatly benefit from us working together."

Currently, MKC's furthest northeast location is in Abilene and serves customers in Dickinson, Ottawa, Clay and Geary counties. Noting the proximity between the two co-ops' locations and the similar profiles of their producers, CJ Blew, MKC's Board Chairman commented the merger, if approved, would be a natural fit. "This is also an opportunity for members from both organizations to insure the relevance and viability of their ownership in the cooperative system for generations to come."

With four locations in Alta Vista, Manhattan, Onaga and Westmoreland, Farmers Cooperative is a full-service cooperative with annual sales of $50 million. They offer grain, feed, agronomy and energy products and services to 2,000 members in five counties.

MKC and Farmers Cooperative are currently developing the required merger documents to be approved by both boards. A vote by Farmers Cooperative membership will be required to approve the merger and is expected to occur next spring.

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