Monday, March 17, 2014

Caring for Our Communities

By Kerry Watson, Director of Communications

Concern for the community is one of the seven principles of the cooperative system.  For MKC, it’s much more.  “We believe our donations, participation in community events and the number of hours employees donate back to their communities through volunteerism is what keeps our communities strong,” states Dave Christiansen, President and CEO for MKC.  “It’s about keeping our rural communities viable for future generations.”

Recently MKC donated to the City of Inman, McPherson County Sheriff’s Department and the Moundridge Fire Department.  The donations helped the City of Inman with the completion of the interior on the new Community Building and the purchase of safety equipment for the McPherson County Sheriff's Department and Moundridge Fire Department.

According to Jim Toews, Mayor for Inman, the new building replaces the shelter house built in 1959 as a community project.  “We are very appreciative of MKC’s support,” stated Toews. “This contribution will help with the purchase of tables and chairs and other interior finish work.”  The new building will have the capacity to hold 250 people and has already been secured for a number of large events not previously held in Inman.

Dean Scott, McPherson County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant and SWAT Team Commander was very appreciative of MKC’s donation to help with the purchase of a mobile surveillance unit.  “A device such as this will allow our officers to monitor a high-risk situation from a distance,” he said. “This will be very beneficial to the safety of our officers and the public.”
The donation to the Moundridge Fire Department assisted with the purchase of a K12 Vent Saw. The saw is used to cut vents in a roof, allowing smoke to escape from the structure. 

Land O' Lakes matched the contributions to the Community Building in Inman and the McPherson County Sheriff's Department.  Over the past five years, MKC has donated more than $300,000 to communities throughout central Kansas with the majority of the donations going to programs that focus on alleviating hunger, leadership development, ag education and community safety. 

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