Friday, May 15, 2015

Ease of Doing Business Through Online Portal Accounts

It wasn’t that long ago your doctor walked into the exam room with a laptop instead of that thick, awkward file they normally carried. This signaled a new era in medical practice. But that isn’t the only field the virtual world is making business easier in.

Agriculture has seen technology introduced in many arenas. To meet the customer’s needs, MKC saw the need to offer technology to help customers manage their accounts and have the information easily accessible at times when it is convenient for them.

For Les Wedel, the online portal certainly makes non-field work easier. “With everything going on, anything that makes something more convenient is a great thing,” Wedel says. “And that is exactly what the online portal provides.”

Wedel signed-up for MKC and Team Marketing Alliance online portals two years ago. After attending a workshop at his nearby location and some practice, he was soon paying bills online and checking purchases. “The website is very user friendly and easy to access,” Wedel says. He was also checking grain tickets at his convenience. “After deliveries, I can check grain tickets in the evening or first thing the next morning,” he says. “I haven’t had to visit the office to take care of the business I can do online for several years now.”

The Goessel area farmer appreciates how he can use the portal anytime. “I am often on the website late at night after the co-op has closed checking proof of yields or contracts,” Wedel commented. “I schedule the payments of my monthly statement and know that it will be paid on time and I don’t have to worry about it later.”

During tax preparation season, Wedel appreciates being able to check figures and download ledger sheets for his inputs. He adds during planting season he uses the portal most often to check prepay.

Burns area farmer John Taylor often doesn’t think to call his MKC location or field marketer until late in the evening. “Instead of having to remember to call the next morning about my questions, I can access my account online and see if I can answer my question through the information available to me there,” Taylor says.

Like Wedel, Taylor uses the portal to review his statement and pay his bill. He also easily extracts proof-of-yield information needed for farm programs and looks at his grain contracts.

“All of this information is at my fingertips,” Taylor says. “The information can be itemized and I can go back six months, even a year, to review information that is critical to my operation.”

Taylors says sometimes the need arises to review this information with his field marketer. Prior to Taylor’s online portal account, they would have to sort through statements and pull everything out. “Now my account can be quickly accessed on a computer and my questions can quickly be answered by looking at my online account together,” he explains.

Both Wedel and Taylor encourage producers to take advantage of this technology. “It sure makes doing business a lot easier than it was 10 years ago,” Wedel says.

To establish online access to your MKC account, please visit or call 800-864-4428. 

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