Thursday, December 6, 2012

Diligent about safety

Providing a safe environment for employees and customers is a top priority at MKC. Increasing our employee’s awareness of potential hazards is just a small part of MKC’s safety preparedness and training programs. 

Recently, the cardtrol fuel site at Moundridge experienced a minimal product spill due to an overflow.  This occurred when the vehicle’s overflow protection failed to release the latch on the fuel nozzle.  MKC employees, Cody Dent, Davin Girard and Rory Howard are trained as Class C Operators and observed the mishap during their morning process of measuring fuel tanks.  

Kansas Department of Health and Environment requires a report of spills exceeding 10 gallons.  Although this particular event was estimated to be approximately one gallon, the alert employees did not take it lightly and immediately proceeded with proper procedures to clean the spill.  The customer also took action and had the vehicle’s overflow protection inspected and repaired. It is the awareness of these employees and customer that helped prevent any further problems. 

Our employees’ knowledge of equipment and their surroundings helps provide a safe environment.  It is this diligence that helps ensure every customer and employee who steps foot on MKC property returns safely home to their family.

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