Friday, July 17, 2015

Jeff Hadachek: A Word from a Summer Intern

Until I was selected for this internship, the co-op was never more than a place my family hauled our grain. Having a family farm outside of Cuba, Kan., I have a diverse understanding of agriculture, but I knew I had a summer full of new experiences awaiting me as an intern for MKC.  

As a Groveland location intern, I have see staff members who are always willing to help and customers who truly represent central Kansas’s agricultural communities. For a town that only contains a church and the elevator, Groveland is a surprising hub of agricultural activity. I’ve developed an understanding in seed treatment, grain elevator management, and agronomy sales and decision-making.

My project for the summer is leading an audit over the anhydrous ammonia efficiency at MKC. Nathan Eck, Groveland location manager, is serving as my mentor and has provided guidance and clarity every step of the way. I look forward to the new experiences and assistance I can offer the
rest of the summer.

My favorite part of any summer is wheat harvest and this year was no exception. During the busiest two weeks of harvest, I assisted at the Buhler elevator. Harvest consisted of long, hot days, but it wouldn’t be harvest without lack of sleep and some heat. I most enjoyed getting to know the producers. It made me realize any Kansas small town is the same across the state: friendly people with a passion for agriculture. Kansas has seen another successful wheat harvest come and go and it was a pleasure spending it with MKC.

After this summer, I will return to Kansas State University for my sophomore year. I am majoring in agricultural economics with a quantitative option and an international agriculture minor. Through the inspiration of this internship, my career goal is to conduct international market research upon completing my degree and potentially attend graduate school.

This internship has provided me a better understanding of production agriculture and the industry as a whole. For so long, working on the farm was just a job to me. I never put much thought into the complex processes or the bigger purpose I was serving. My internship has made me realize what separates agriculture from any other industry: it’s not just a job, it’s a passion. Farmers and everyone involved in the agricultural industry don’t think twice or complain about working 15 hour days, because it’s what we enjoy doing. 

Jeff Hadachek

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